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Natália Vilela
Lifelong learner | Curious | Enthusiast of a more inclusive UX

A few days ago I noticed that I spend a big part of my day, whether on my cell phone or computer, logged in. Whether on Slack, Whatsapp or email and all the other accounts that are logged in without my noticing.

Do I know what I share with the world? And I’m not talking about photos, texts or videos. I’m talking about the data that I expose daily, some with consensus and other without noticing.

About the data I consented to share, do I really know what it is used for? Or I just hit a little checkbox consenting…

I am taking a UX upskill course at Hyper Island, and the last challenge was to choose an app that I use in my day to day and make some adjustments. I chose to made the adjustments on Whatsapp. First of all, I delimited the scope of my work for this project:

After a few years working, financial maturity finally arrives, and then it’s time to start investing, thinking about financial independence and having an worry-free financial life and at the same time still enjoying the present and the small pleasures of life. I just described in a short way the persona used in this case study, bellow is the full persona profile.

Persona created based on a behavioural approach
Persona created based on a behavioural approach
Persona used in this case study.

Research goal

The research goal was find out how might we create a service that delivers financial wellness to the users. …

During the last year, we watched the world change in a more exponential way than ever before. With the pandemic all the world was forced to find new ways to do simple stuff, such as go to school.

In some developing countries such as Brazil, while the pandemic is growing at such a fast pace, the social abyss is becoming more evident as well. In a country where almost 100 million¹ people do not have access to the sewage service, how do you expect children and adolescents to have access to the internet, a proper place to study and a…

Natália Vilela

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