Whatsapp iOS optimization

I am taking a UX upskill course at Hyper Island, and the last challenge was to choose an app that I use in my day to day and make some adjustments. I chose to made the adjustments on Whatsapp. First of all, I delimited the scope of my work for this project:

As curious as I am, I am taking a few more courses on research and statistical tools, and even though there was no research requirement for this project, I decided to do.

I decided to make a non-probabilistic sample, using the convenience sample, in order to understand the context and the user insights about the most annoying things on Whatsapp. I chose to used a survey as a research instrument, the sample size was 20 participants. After receiving all the insights from the respondents, I was able to understand what the problems the users are facing on the daily contact with the app. The sample results showed that:

Based on the data that I collected through the sample, I decided to implement these optimizations on the app:

• Creation of tabs to facilitate the visualization of groups and conversations in iOs;

• Repositioning the pin;

• A feature that allows the user to edit a message;

  • Delete a message without showing the deleted tag in the conversation;

First, I created the wireframes of the possible solutions and then I started the prototype of the most viable optimizations to be implemented.

Although the purpose of the challenge was to exercise design principles, I was super excited to implement what I’ve learned going deeper into UX Research and statistics. I look forward to the next steps in my learning journey!

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